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CNC punching, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Precision Forming, CNC Machining, CNC Turning, Robotic Welding, Welding, Rolling/Shearing/Sawing, Automated Powder Coating, Batch Powdercoating, Finishing/Assembly/Insertion

Dependable personnel and equipment. We have some of the largest capacities on the West Coast: the largest robotic weld cell for a job shop, with a 28’swing and multiple 6500lb positioner capacity; laser cutting envelopes of 160”x80”; large precision forming with accuracies of .00004” on a 8-axis 242ton 14’ Pressbrake; machining envelopes of 120”x40”x30” with full 4th axis capabilities.

Being able to produce a finished part on one machine with one setup is invaluable to achieve low lot quantities and maintain accuracies on the first part. This can be seen throughout our shop. Our Laser/turret combination machine allows us to form geometry right into the finished parts.

This also allows us to use the speed of the turret to put in common holes and use the dexterity of a laser to finish it off. One of our machining examples is our 12-axis lathe, with capabilities to make difficult components a reality in even small quantities. We can literally load raw stock into one side of the machine and have finished deburred product come out the out feed conveyor untouched.

Our large vertical machining center can hold very large and heavy work in its 4-axis. It uses a touch probe to locate the exact position of the work, (before machining), to process the work on all sides, then measure the part for accuracy before it is removed from the machine after it is machined. We aspire to have the first part correct and accurate as efficiently as possible.

We take pride in knowing that when, not if, one of our machines or personnel goes ill that we are still able to produce the components that you need on time. This is one of the key reasons for our high on time delivery record.


Since our founding in 1937, technology has brought new production methods to the marketplace. Our vision is to provide customers with the best value using the latest technology. We are your custom, prototype, and production manufacturer, serving you with design and engineering, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, CNC punching, precision forming, CNC turning, CNC Machining, robotic welding, assembly, powder coating, rolling and shearing. Giving us an opportunity to serve you means working with you to deliver the best solution, product, and price. Combining all of the precision capabilities at a single location gives you a real benefit for fast turn around.

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